LEGEND 600 Introduction

The light sport LEGEND 600 aircraft is an all-composite, high-wing, strut-braced two-seater

Maximum Take Off Weight: 600 kg

Flight and Operating Manual

Maintenance manual

LSA Legend 600 is intended for elementary pilot training of PPL holders, and for traveling. Thanks to low operating costs, it is possible to obtain PPL for the cheapest price possible. Great performance and extra utilizable load allow comfortable and fast traveling. LSA Legend 600 is full-composite upper wing monoplane made of sandwich materials. Thanks to modern composites, the aircraft exhibits low empty weight and thus also high utilizable load.

Besides the standard light sport LEGEND 600 airplane, the company AEROPILOT Ltd. also manufactures the amphibious LEGEND 600 airplane with floats. The 1st LEGEND 600 airplane was transported by air from the Czech Republic through Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Egypt to the Saudi Arabia in April 2014.

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